about made in the west

Made in the West CREATIVE was established after a decade of film festivals showcasing and celebrating the cutting edge films being made by the Western Sydney film community.

Our mission is simple – to be a driving force behind growing the film industry in Western Sydney. By connecting clients with skilled creative professionals from our region, we are ensuring the survival of our diverse screen talent and elevating the perspectives that make Western Sydney truly unique.

connecting local artists with industry

Made in the West is the go-to company for film and video production jobs in Western Sydney. We are the link between clients seeking quality screen content and the local film creatives eager to showcase their skills.

Take the stress out of producing your media content! Let us put together a creative team of local filmmakers, consultants and professional creatives to suit your next project.

an innovative creative talent agency


Film and Video Production: We specialise in producing film and video content that captures the bold and heartfelt stories of Western Sydney. From documentaries to creative narratives, and live performance capture to live streaming, we can turn your ideas into captivating visual stories.

Connecting Local Creatives: With the largest creative community out West, we are the ultimate hub for connecting with local talent. Whether you're a client seeking professional crew or a creative looking for new opportunities, Made in the West is your gateway to collaboration.

Community Building Initiatives: We actively contribute to the thriving Western Sydney arts scene by organising and supporting community events, including the renowned Made in the West Film Festival, which celebrates the richness and diversity of our local film community.